Volunteer Spotlight: Zachia

How long have you been volunteering?
I began volunteering with RMHC in 2008.  Fifteen years and the time has flown by.

Why choose to volunteer at RMHC when there are so many worthwhile options?
I feel RMHC chose me instead of the other way around.  I had been looking to volunteer by helping an organization that provided resources to our community.  I was turned away from other charities or placed on several waitlists but never heard back.  I was then introduced to RMHC by a good friend, Kevin Robinson who served on the board.  I was willing to help with any task or detail and found RMHC to offer a wide variety of options. The staff was welcoming and made me feel that I was making a difference.  I also began hosting dinners which were very rewarding.  Meeting and chatting with the families was emotional at times but it also allowed me to hear their stories.

What is your advice for someone interested in volunteering at RMHC?
My advice to anyone wondering if they should volunteer is … do it!  RMHC offers a great variety of options that one can help with.  I have prepared rooms for visiting families, cleaned rooms, organized the library, cleaned fridges, painted and some gardening.   Anyone can volunteer because it’s a home away from home.  What you do in your home is what you can also do at RMHC.  There’s no pressure and your are appreciated by all.

What keeps you coming back?
As of late I have helped with the annual gala nights.  I enjoy decorating, setting up and also being a part of this event.  The excitement  keeps me coming back year after year.  I’m also competitive and love beating my vacation giveaway raffle ticket sales from the previous year.