Setting a Table that Spreads Across the Valley

Dear RMHC supporters,

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. I love the meal planning and shopping, preparing traditional family recipes, watching football, and being with family and friends to share a special meal.

We have always included others who would otherwise be alone. Having three children in college, we look forward to having them home and to have the house full again. I count our blessings that we are able to be together.  Some of their friends, can’t get home for the holiday so we set a bigger table and welcomed them into our home.

Then I got to thinking about what you, our incredible donors, do for RMHC families every day. By supporting the House, you are setting a table that extends across the Valley so that families can be together while remaining close to the medical care their children need.

When they are low, you give them hope. When they need a place to call ‘home,’ you open your arms. You fill their plates with community, courage, and love. You give them a “home-away-from-home” within our three Houses.

You do this because the thought of families facing heart transplants, cancer treatments, or long stays in the NICU alone and away from home is just too much to imagine. And because you care so very much, there will always be a place for them at Ronald McDonald House.

While you gather with your loved ones this Thanksgiving, I hope you know how grateful RMHC families and staff are for you. THANK YOU for making sure there is always a seat at the table for families.

Happy Thanksgiving!

With gratitude,
Kerry Schulman
Chief Executive Officer