Karin holding Smokey the Cat

Supporting the Community with Four-Pawed Love

March 24, 2021

If you’ve visited the Roanoke House over the last ten years, you’ve probably been greeted by our loveable housecat, Smokey. Smokey plays an important role at Ronald McDonald House® – to share love with our guest families when they need an extra dose of comfort that only a furry friend can provide. This is a job Smokey takes very seriously and families in turn share a special connection with him.

Just like the families that stay with us need special doctor visits from time-to-time, Smokey, too, needs a to visit local veterinarian Dr. Bracken at Arcadia Animal Clinic to stay in tip-top shape. Recently, Smokey needed a little bit of extra care, so Dr. Bracken called in his friend Dr. Green for the assist. After learning about Smokey’s important job at Ronald McDonald House, Dr. Green knew that this was a special case and donated his services.

Thanks to Dr. Bracken and Dr. Green, Smokey will be back to official duties very soon. He simply cannot wait to greet visitors and be their cozy companion. We are immensely grateful to Arcadia Animal Clinic for their generosity in treating Smokey with such kindness and compassion.