Dad holds infant daughter in lap while mom looks lovingly at baby

Margaret’s Story

“She likes to hold hands already,” Brian says of his adopted daughter, Margaret. “She’s adorable.” The connection was immediate between Margaret and her new parents Brian and Jennifer, both military officers stationed in Yuma, Arizona.

Born 10 weeks early and drug addicted, Margaret spends much of her time with doctors, nurses, and specialists. But thanks to Ronald McDonald House, her proud parents are never far. “The staff, the facility and the resources provided here are phenomenal,” Brian said. “It’s a good safe place to be, good for coming and going from the hospital late at night.”

Although they value the comfort of the House, both parents are eager to bring their daughter home for the first time. While Jennifer looks forward to introducing her daughter to their family, Brian said, “The thing I’m most looking forward to is being able to be just down the hall from her at night and be able to sneak in and check-in on her without having to get dressed, drive to the hospital, and peek in an incubator.”