Volunteer Spotlight: Kim

How long have you been volunteering?
I started volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House in August of 2022, so about 8 months ago.

Why choose to volunteer at RMHC when there are so many worthwhile options?
My husband, Ken, and I stayed at RMHC by the University of Chicago Children’s Hospital when our youngest son, Sean, had open heart surgery. This was over 30 years ago, but we never forgot their kindness.

As a young family, it was wonderful to have a comfortable place to stay right near the hospital where we didn’t have to worry about hotel costs. At that time there was a “House Mom” named Ruth who lived there and treated us like family.

I know personally what a great need there is for services provided by RMHC. Now that I am retired and living in AZ, it is the perfect fit for me!

What is your advice for someone interested in volunteering at RMHC?
Every time you volunteer, you will see for yourself the families that RMHC serves. It is such a warm and loving place that you will want to be even a small part of it! You will feel blessed to meet the sweet families and help this wonderful place make a family’s hospital visit more comfortable!

What keeps you coming back?
The people who work at RMHC are so dedicated to helping the families who stay there that you just naturally want to offer your help too! I see them go above and beyond for the families every time I am there.