Kerry’s Corner: March 2020

I am always amazed at the strength and resilience of children. At the House, we have the opportunity to welcome families from across Arizona and beyond every day. They come to the Valley to receive medical treatment for their children and we are humbled to be their “home-away-from-home” while they are here receiving, often times, life-saving medical care.

Recently, we had a family staying at the House with a child who had surgery to remove her eye. After the early morning surgery, she came “home” as if it was just any other ordinary day. She played in the playroom, peeked around the corner to see if I was in my office and later, she was looking for Smokey, our House cat. She is, as so many other children are, truly an inspiration. They are resilient. They are strong. They are fighters. They offer hope. These children are my superheroes.

Speaking of superheroes, supporters like YOU hold valuable superpowers of your own. From shopping for wish list items, to preparing dinner for our families, to making a tax-credit donation through the Arizona Charitable Tax credit program, our champions make sure that the House is ready for every family who needs us. THANK YOU for sharing your superpowers with us.

I am grateful to be a part of fulfilling our mission of serving families and beyond thankful that our community continues to make that same commitment.

With gratitude,

Kerry Schulman
Chief Executive Officer